Dear all - our hearts are with everyone around the world during this difficult time.

About Us


Welcome to vf planner pages (previously vanilla folders). We are very passionate about planning, and planning with paper in particular.

I have been an avid user of my tiny Filofax Mini organizer for many years (as you can see over at vanilla folders - my little personal blog). Sadly, they discontinued production of this delightful little planner size, and have since cut back on their refills in this range. I’m not quitting the mini size for-like-ever, so in November 2016, my husband and I started out by designing and printing our own inserts for my tiny mini planner. Today we are happy to make many more sizes and styles for others. 

We love having this opportunity to help others with their planners.

If you are looking for anything in particular or just have a question, please let us know. :)

Happy planning,
Heather & Kelly at vf planner pages
Making Mini Brights at vf planner pages